Weekly BeastDays Challenge Week 9

Here is your Ninth weekly BeastDays Challenge! Every Wednesday a new virtual BeastWOD drops! Have fun with these weekly challenges!

This week, Step 1: Weekly Movement 

For your weekly movement, complete the equivalent of a 5K or 30 minutes total of movement however you would like – running, rucking, walking, hiking, rowing etc

Steps 2: Special WOD – ‘Beasts OCR 5K+ Prep’

5 Minutes, AMRAP – Battle Pandas
2 Minutes rest
5 Minutes, AMRAP – Burpee Broad Jumps
2 Minutes rest
10x 50ft Animal movement, your choice
Bonus: Immediately after your animal movements, complete 10x 50ft heavy carries, weight of your choice

The Beasts OCR 5K+ is back for 2020!… Read the rest

The Beast Report: May 2020

The Beast Report: May 2020
Michael Lee is one of the Beast Pro Team members and has been racing OCR for over three years, mostly Spartan. He spent 2017 running the open division and the last two years running age group, with several podium finishes. He is a man of many talents as he used to be a professional yo-yo demonstrator for over 12 years as well. He's just as nice as he is fierce on the course. Meet Michael Lee!