Episode 170 Mark James

Today Pretty Mike gets to interview Mark James.  Triathlete, Toughest Mudder, and currently Navy Seal training instructor.  Mark talks about growing up a swimmer and how it helped with his transition into being a Triathlete.  They continue the discussion talking about what got Mark into Tough Mudder and his quest for the Grail.   They talk about his achievements, living in Seattle for a while, Scuba diving, the fact Mark hasn’t done a Spartan Race yet, and much more.… Read the rest

Episode 169 EPIC Series and the Sagitta Endurance.

Today  Hammer talks with Casey Bateman from the EPIC Series about their expansion to 10 events this year and the partnership with Sagitta series and their events that are part of  it.   If you haven’t tried EPIC series events yet, you really need to.  They offer many different challenge levels and its a “Clean” event that your family can spectate the whole event.… Read the rest

Episode 168 Hazelanna preview Summit to Swamp Weekend and the Sagitta Series

Today  Pretty Mike talks with Hazelanna from Summit To Swamp.   One of the 2020 Sagitta Series partners and host facility to some of Beasts Endurance events.  They talk about what got her into hosting OCR, they discuss #raceLOCAL and other local events like Pennies for Quarters Run a Muck.  This year Summit to Swamp has expanded to a multi day event with all sorts of different lengths, terrains, and some “clean” trail runs too.… Read the rest

Episode 167 Kate West

Today Pretty Mike talks with “tiny but MIGHTY” Kate West.  They talk about what got her into OCR, starting with soccer and moving on to running.  She talks about how she passes the time with “dad” jokes and having fun trailing and lifting.  This episode they spend a lot of time talking about #raceLOCAL in the Midwest and how these smaller family run OCRs are what got her hooked into the sport before she hit the Spartan circuit.… Read the rest

Episode 166 Beasts Pro Team Tasha Overmiller

This week Hammer talks with recently named Beasts OCR Pro Team member Tasha Overmiller.  They talk about her life before the PNW and what got her into OCR/Fitness. They talk about the Overmiller’s fitness programs and what it mean to be a Beasts Pro team member for 2020.

 This episode  has some tie ins to  #raceLOCAL and #runLOCAL where we  talk  smaller  independent races.… Read the rest

The Beast Report: February 2020

The Beast Report: February 2020
Meet Taylor Overmiller, one of our 2020 Beasts OCR Pro Team members. He is a Coach and Owner at Portland Outdoor Athletics. Taylor completed a full collegiate athletics career in Track and Field, and Cross Country, and earned his commission as a military Officer through the Army's Simultaneous Membership Program. He enjoys the fast pace and demands of the short courses and is thrilled to represent the Beasts OCR Pro Team in 2020!

Beast Report Feb 2020 Taylor Overmiller

This month Pretty Mike and Kim Collins talk with Taylor Overmiller.  They discuss his business, what got him into the Beasts OCR, and exploding onto the scene with his podium finishes at Terrain Race.  They also talk about fitness, training, and the mental part of things.  This episode has some tie ins to  #raceLOCAL and #runLOCAL where we  talk  smaller independent races.  … Read the rest

Episode 165 Beasts OCR and the Sagitta Series

Today Hammer talks with Adam B and Rachel Lotz from the Beasts Obstacle Course racers about the Sagitta series and their events that are part of it.  Rachel talks about her experience in endurance and her involvement in the Sagitta series.  This episode brings up the question of how to pronounce Sagitta.  Previous guests have said sa·juh·teh and today its pronounced sa·GI·teh.… Read the rest